Did I just make an uh-oh?

I texted my manager asking if I could come out with my mom so she could see the puppy before she agrees to take her on Saturday. My manager said she’d get back to me today. 8pm rolled around and she didn’t contact me, so I contacted her. Now the breeder wants her and my other manager to talk to about the expectations regarding the puppy before he agrees to letting me have her. Last I talked to him, he was 90% sure I could take her. Why does it feel like that number has plummeted? I don’t have a good feeling about this. Is this just like a normal adoption or purchase? I have no clue. I feel so confused and anxious now.

She’s free. I need to convince my mother that she’s worth having in the house.

She’s free. I need to convince my mother that she’s worth having in the house.


Change of plan

While I will still be posting my Greyhound experiences here, I’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps it would be in my best interest to pursue adoption at a much later time. As a college student, I don’t have the time to work on socialization with an off the track hound and since I work at a kennel, that’s very important to me.

My priorities still lie with school, housing and a companion (respectively), but I have chose to set my sights on purchasing an English Setter pup from the owner of the kennel I work for. One might ask why a puppy over a Greyhound if I’m worried about socialization. It’s simply this: it will be easier to bring a Setter pup to work (a place that is familiar with) with small dogs. If I move in with my friend (the soon-to-be owner of a Standard Poodle pup), it would be more convenient to have a dog that is more compatible with other puppies.

So that’s it. Setters and Greyhouds


I may have mentioned that I’ve been trying to find kennel jobs

Well guess who got TWO!

I’ll be at the front desk


I’ll be doing kennel work!


July 21st

My first GPAW kennel day!


Finally heard back from GPA

I’m so close to getting to help at my first kennel day! I’m so excited!


Day Nine

I was up a bit later than normal last night. Still woke up at 6:30 to feed the cat, though. I went back to bed right after that. Woke up again at nine. No walk or bike ride this morning since my legs and back were aching still from my ride on Sunday.

Honestly not much happened today. I went for my riding lesson and came home. That’s about it. I’m thinking about updating this blog a little less frequently. There’s only so much about my life and routine that I can tell you.

Is anybody else an early riser? What do you do with your time to keep busy in the morning?


Day Eight

It’s about 6:30 in the morning. Not gonna lie, I’m not really in the mood to be awake right now. Had a rough night after coming home from the barn. It’s supposed to rain today, so no walk unless there’s hope of it clearing up. It would be a short, around the block walk today, anyway.

I just want someone to believe that I can get where I want to be in life…

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